Watertown High School Pizza Tasting Results

On Wednesday February 15th we held a Pizza Taste Testing to decide which Pizza the WHS Cafeteria would serve as their daily Pizza. The choices were between Big Daddy’s & Pizzeria Uno.

Two classes from each grade were selected to participate in the test. It was a blind Taste Test where each student rated each pizza they tasted, then they picked the pizza that they liked the best. There were about 100 students who participated and I would like to Thank those students for helping us with this decision. It was great to work directly with the students of WHS and to give them a say in the choice of the Pizza we will be serving in the cafeteria.

The winning Pizza was the Pizzeria Uno by a 2 to 1 margin and it will be the new Daily Pizza option in the WHS Cafeteria. The new pizza will be available towards the end of next week. We will post signs on the Menu Board and the Pizza Station. There will be a morning announcement the day we will begin serving our new pizza and I will post it on my Twitter account ChefDave@WHS. Please follow me on Twitter because I also tweet all the daily specials for the café so it is a good way to keep up to date on all the things happening in the WHS Café.

I want to Thank everyone that helped us with this decision. I think this is a great way to give the students of WHS a voice regarding the food that we serve at WHS. Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions you have on our Food Service Program.


David Foulds

Food Service Director

Watertown Public Schools


WHS Wednesday February 22nd

We wanted to clarify a couple of things regarding the schedule for tomorrow, Wednesday February 22nd at Watertown High School.  All students have a full day tomorrow.  Seniors who already have Wednesday Late Arrival or Early Dismissal Privilege should check in or out as they normally do.  Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will be taking either a practice CAPT or SAT and working on other planned SSP activities.  Students will also begin working on registration for the 2017-2018 school year by reviewing recommendations and meeting with their Guidance Counselors.  These are important activities that are timed throughout the day that will allow us to prepare for the upcoming school-wide state exam day and begin registration for next year while minimizing time out of current classes.  Seniors will be participating in various post-secondary workshops and working on their Capstone.  Buses will be running on a normal schedule and all students are expected to be in school all day.  We hope everyone had a great break and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Water-Oak Pride Student Video

Two local Watertown High School freshman have created a special video to foster pride in their hometown.

Called “Water-Oak Pride,” the two-minute clip shares special aspects about the town, set to video of the town’s beauty that the girls filmed this summer. The video, created by Cailin McGuire and Courtney Candee-Zubik, both of Girl Scout Troop 64209, is part of the two Scouts’ Silver Award project, which is the highest award a Cadette Scout may earn.

The girls began work on their project this past spring. Originally, the pair had planned to create a booklet about Watertown and Oakville for local youth. However, realizing that their generation is geared to visual images as they grow up in a digital age, they switched their plan of a print publication and instead created a video which can be shared on social media.

“Kids watch so many videos on YouTube, we figured this was a better to reach them instead of a booklet that would be harder to access,” Cailin McGuire said.

“We also thought that it could be shared on social media and that way more people would see it,” Courtney Candee-Zubik said.

The two Cadettes, who have grown up in Watertown, are promoting their video project via social media sites as well as flyers and the media. The girls also share additional information, as well as a link to the video on YouTube, via a special blog, WaterOakPride.blogspot.com. The pair also have a Facebook page, Water-Oak Pride.

Both hope that anyone who views it may learn something new about their hometown, and that everyone young and old will realize how special Watertown is.  The video features information on the start of the town, items made here, famous people who grew up here, and other facts.

To see the video, search “Water Oak Pride” on YouTube.com, or visit wateroakpride.blogspot.com for more information, or visit Water-Oak Pride

water oak pride.JPG