Enzymes Rule the World in Biology

Students in all Biology classes, including AP Biology, investigated the use of enzymes in speeding up chemical reactions.  The sophomores used enzymes to create apple juice from apple sauce (CAPT lab), as the AP Biology students explored the effects of temperature, enzyme and substrate concentrations as well as inhibitors on enzyme activity rate.

Enzymes 1 Enzymes 2 Enzymes 3

Integrated Science: Soapy Water Lab

Freshmen completed a Soapy Water formal laboratory this past week in Integrated Science class. They had just finished learning about the physical and chemical properties of Matter. The students used their laboratory skills to analyze which one of various white substances removed soap from water the best. They looked at the filtrate and precipitate of soapy water solutions when salt, sugar, and baking soda was added.  They measured the height of bubbles produced in test tubes, and observed for any cloudiness. They found that Epsom Salt worked the best!

Soapy Lab 1 Soapy Lab 2

WHS Girl’s Soccer NVL Championship

Congrats to our girls on winning their 5th straight NVL soccer championship!


Our students kept the crowd in the game through the rain and cold!


These athletes have gotten used to holding these banners!


And in the end the NVL championship once again runs through Watertown!


Gummy Bears in Space

Students in Mrs. Edmond’s and Mrs. Nass’ Probability and Statistics classes performed an experiment called “Gummy Bears in Space.” Students were placed randomly in groups using the graphing calculator random integer tool and were asked to launch a minimum of 30 gummy bears. Students worked together to make a launcher using only rubber bands, masking tape, pencil, tongue depressor sticks and a yard stick. The groups also had to assign a recorder, randomizer, laucher, and a person to measure the distance of each gummy bear launched using measuring tape. Students were implementing their skills taught to identify response and explanatory variables, extraneous factors, controls, randomization to select launced gummy bears, levels of treatments (using various levels of math books) and designing their experiment. Students are currently working on writing a report of the procedure, charts of raw data, graphic organizers of results and concluding their findings.

Math Gummy 1 Math Gummy 2