Love the Skin You’re In!!

Human Anatomy and Physiology Students investigated the different forms of skin cancer and found that the main reasons for skin cancer were over exposure to UV rays and heredity.  In addition, students searched the internet to find the most current clinical research being done on skin cancer.  Among the many interesting findings were:  extracts from eggplant can reduce cancerous lesions, having eczema reduces one’s risk for skin cancer, caffeine consumption lowers the risk of skin cancer, gel-nail polish manicures increases the risk of skin cancer, and using sunscreen greatly decreases one’s risk for skin cancer.  In addition, all groups agreed on one fact:  tanning beds will greatly increase chances of getting skin cancer in one’s lifetime and we should all just “love the skin we are in!”

Skin 1 Skin 2 Skin 3 Skin 4 Skin 5

After School Arts Program Contest Winners

The Art Department is thrilled to have two photography students representing Watertown High School as winners of the After School Arts Program contest. Alyssa Clifford and Nicki Aquavia are two winners in the grade 9-12 category for this year’s theme, “Community.” Their photographs will be displayed and for sale at The Litchfield Historical Society on Saturday, December 6th from 2–5pm to benefit the ASAP’s art programs.

Alyssa Clifford Thinking Spot Nicki Aquavia Remembrance

WHS Art Show and Food Drive

WHS Art students had a very successful time collecting for the Watertown food bank this weekend at Stop and Shop in Watertown– four heaping carriages full of non-perishable items, plus over a hundred in cash donations! Pictured are students face painting in return for items donated.

face paintng 2nd Shift face painters Emma Karpinski

Strings Master Class

Amy Jones, a violist from the Waterbury Symphony conducted a master class for Strings students from Watertown High School and Swift Middle School, who are auditioning for the Northern Region High School and Middle School orchestras. The students performed their audition solos for Ms. Jones, and she gave  feedback and modeled technical skills for them. This was a wonderful experience which will help the students in their auditions and inspire them in their practice throughout the year. The master class was made possible through the generosity of the Watertown Foundation, which has given the Music Department a grant for vocal and instrumental master classes at Swift and WHS. We are very grateful to them. 

Vincent Malacy

WHS Face Painting

Colorful fun for a great cause! WHS students will be offering face painting from 9-4 Saturday Nov 15 and Sunday Nov 16th  in exchange for a non-perishable food item for the local food bank as part of the Watertown Schools K-12 Art show at Stop and Shop. Pictured are WHS volunteer artists  testing out designs children may select from.

Face Painting

Chamber Choir Master Class

The Chamber Choir students participated in a master class taught by Marissa Famiglietti, a professional singer.  The master class was made possible because of a grant from the Watertown Foundation.  During the class, the soprano and alto students that are preparing audition music for the Northern Region High School Music Festival performed their solos.  Mrs. Famigletti gave each student performance advise and ways to improve the music before the auditions.  Her lively instruction and beautiful voice help to make this a great experience for all students.

Chamber Choir Master Class 1 Chamber Choir Master Class 2 Chamber Choir Master Class 3