Students in Human Anatomy and Physiology classes conducted a reflex arc experiment to test reflexes.  Before the lab, students viewed various videos on texting and driving and then attempted to recreate distractions that are common in the car to test against distraction free conditions.  The students caught a meter stick and then measure the distance at which it was caught.  In all experiments conducted, students found the average response in distracted conditions to be much higher than distraction free conditions.  In addition, they found that the response for distracted conditions were erratic whereas distraction free responses were consistently low.   In an effort to encourage their friends to drive distraction free, students created posters for text free driving.  In one student’s poster, it was well written that “one text or call can wreck it all.”

Reflex 8 Reflex 7 Reflex 6 Reflex 5 Reflex 4 Reflex 3 Reflex 2 Reflex 1

Getting Ready for the Science CAPT while having Fun with Fungi!!

Sophomores in all  Biology classes have been completing their last few activities leading up to the CAPT Science Test.  The test will occur in March.  Students performed a Yeast Fermentation Lab in which they varied the amount of sugar given to yeast to see how it might affect the amount of carbon dioxide they produce in the process of fermentation.  Students had to use their knowledge of Cell Respiration and Fermentation to develop a hypothesis.  They measured balloon circumferences, graphed and made evidence based conclusions. Many students were amazed to see how much gas these microscopic critters could produce!!


Jay Asher at Watertown High School

New York Times bestseller and teen favorite Thirteen Reasons Why continues to inspire anti-bullying discussion in schools across America. In the fall, author Jay Asher hit the road to talk to teens about this important issue – making a stop in each of the 50 states! Our school is so excited to be included in @jayasherguy’s #50StatesAgainstBullying tour! We can’t wait for his visit this Monday.

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2nd Quarter Reports for Colleges

Seniors- If your college(s) are requesting 2nd quarter and/or mid-year grade reports, it is very important to see Mrs. Bohan in the Counseling Department as soon as possible to ensure these grades are sent.  Not all colleges require these reports, so it is extremely important to check with your colleges to see if they are required.  Thanks!

AP Parent Night

On Feb. 18th, WHS will host an AP Parent Night for current AP students and parents regarding the upcoming testing schedule, testing details, and student responsibilities.  The presentation will be at 5:30pm in the high school auditorium.  If you have any questions about AP or the AP Parent Night, please contact your students school Counselor.