DNA Extraction

After completing the study of DNA structure and replication, biology students were able to have some hands on fun with science. Students used common household materials to extract DNA from strawberries.  Although the assignment had some critical thinking questions to ponder, students were very excited to see the DNA on a stick!


Endo/Exothermic Reactions Lab

Freshmen students compared the effects of endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions in class. They performed a laboratory utilizing vinegar, baking soda, yeast and hydrogen peroxide to collect various temperatures and determine the type of reaction that occurred. Students then graphed and made conclusions about the transfer of energy!

Endo 1 Endo 2

Senior Scholarship Booklet is now available!

Attention Seniors and Parents- The 2015 Local Scholarship Booklet is now available on the Watertown High School Website; School Counseling/Post High School Planning.  ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BACK TO THE COUNSELING OFFICE BY WEDNESDAY APRIL 1ST, 2015.  Please see Mrs. Bohan or your counselor with any questions.

Penny Lab

Ms. Emmanouil’s Honors Integrated Science classes performed a lab activity involving oxidation and reduction reactions this week. They followed chemical procedures to change the appearance of a penny to a silver color, and then again for it to have a gold-looking appearance. While it is not permanent, they were so excited for this laboratory!

Penny Lab 1 Penny Lab 2