Watertown Art Show Follow-up

Kudos to Emma Karpinski and Lindsey Lawton, WHS seniors who planned and executed an exhibit of WHS student artwork at the Watertown Library on Main Street. The show ran from Monday April 13 through April 18.

“We wanted to showcase our artwork in another place,” said Emma. “It’s a variety of artwork and we’re hoping that incoming seniors will take over and continue exhibiting at the Watertown Library.”

Art Show

Science Solutions

Science students learned about unsaturated, saturated, and supersaturated solutions last week. They made crystals out of Borax to compare and contrast the properties of these solutions at various temperatures!

Solutions 1 Solutions 2

Stop Diabetes Type 2 Presentations

Students in Human Anatomy and Physiology investigated Type 2 Diabetes for their endocrine unit.  If the disease was infectious, we would be in the midst of an epidemic.  Students learned that this disease can often be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight and eating the right foods.  Students found that sugar based foods stress the pancreas, making it more difficult for the pancreas to produce insulin and making some of the cell’s receptors faulty.  BUT, the students designed plans for our school to help reduce the incidents of the disease which include:  starting intramural sports that all students must participate in, having each period in the day reduced by 5 minutes and allow exercise during that extra time, having a nutritionist on the premises that will help students plan meals for school and home, and having snacks available that include fresh fruit and vegetables.  Although these plans cannot be implemented currently, students have presented many opportunities to their classmates so we can stop the increase of Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes 1 Diabetes 2 Diabetes 3 Diabetes 4

Senior Scholarship Presentation

Seniors are taking part in a Senior Scholarship Presentation this week.  A presenter from RallyCap will be discussing important scholarship search information and will give students insight into a great scholarship search engine, called CHEGG. All students will create personal accounts, which will then generate emails in regards to specific scholarships that apply to them.  Please don’t miss out on the millions of dollars of scholarship money that is waiting for you!  Ask your child to show you the site for more information.