Submitting a Post

The Watertown High School blog exists to share information about school, showcase the achievements of our students and staff, and keep the community informed.  Please help us share the great work and accomplishments of our students and staff by submitting posts.  Posts should be submitted for approval by email to:

To make posting simple and efficient, please follow these guidelines when submitting posts:

  • Send text in the body of an email, in paragraph form, so that it may be copied easily.
  • When referring to students or programs, identify them as being part of Watertown High School.  For example, instead of “five volleyball players” or “the Robotics Club,” write “five Watertown High School volleyball players” or “the Watertown High School Robotics Club,” respectively.
  • Write in the third person.
  • Send pictures and images as an attachment in the email.  Please do not embed them into word or pdf documents.
  • Name your pictures.  Search engines pick up image titles.
  • Use complete dates (August 4, 2012 versus Aug. 4 or August 4 or August 4th).
  • Include flyers or posters as attachments (pdf is best) if you would like them attached to the post but please do not send them as the post.
  • Please check your spelling and grammar.
  • Write it as you would read it on the blog.  Avoid “Who: , What:, Where:” descriptions and opt instead for complete sentences.

Thank you.

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